Aircraft Maintenance Qualifications

a. Airbus 320 and 330 HKA Authorization Certification
b. JCAB Senior Licensed Engineer for YS-11, Boeing 737 series, Airbus 320 series and Airbus 380
c. Aeronautical Radio Operator
d. FAA A&P License
e. Receiving inspector/instructor of newly purchased aircraft
f. Receiving inspector/instructor of Maintenance consignment aircraft
g. Bore scope inspector/instructor of aircraft engine and Instructor
h. Aircraft airworthiness inspection inspector/instructor
i. Receiving inspector/instructor of aircraft engine
j. Receiving inspector/instructor of aircraft parts
k. Aircraft Anti/De-icing inspector/instructor

l. Maintenance training instructor (Basic and technical trainings include operator for FFS and MTS)
m. Technical Adviser of Maintenance Planning, Quality Assurance and Technical Team
n. ETOPS instructor
o. TSA instructor for aircraft maintenance section
p. Aircraft Ground Handling instructor